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Lifestar Los Angeles (Graphics / Branding)

Client: Lifestar Medical Transport Los Angeles & Orange County

Specializing in Gurney / Stretcher Transportation in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Lifestar Medical Transport is a Non-emergency medical transportation. The company’s goal is to provide a more affordable and improved quality of non-emergency medical transport service to patients in the area.


deliverables: logo Branding, brochures, classified ads

Tasked to create a simple logo/branding for them that still incorporates the medical symbol Caduceus (which was actually a symbol mistake but later on became the symbol associated with medicine and life. Read all about it to know hehe), to also incorporate the name Lifestar, and to make it feel very American.

Also did various print layout graphics for brochures and classifieds.



Van Photo grabbed from https://www.instagram.com/lifestarmed/




Mockup from Freepik.com , graphicburger.com, mockupworld.co, and Zippypixels.com